Amalfi Coast
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Amalfi Coast

Famous throughout the world for its natural beauty, culinary traditions , takes its name from the town of Amalfi , the heart of Amalfi , an ancient maritime republic maritime trade center in the Roman period with exchanges commericali with civilizations around the Mediterranean , influenced by the Byzantine period for art and culture, but always remaining true to local traditions .

Chef Danyel D’amato

nato a Nurtingen Germania il 08-07-1973.
Growing up in Amalfi Coast Maiori. I started learning about Mediterranean cuisine at an early age savoring the recipes and alla that represented the typical Campania cuisine.
After years of experience in Italy, I started to travel the world Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland Spain, Florida in United States of America, expanding my personal Knowledge of international cuisines, and discovering new products and new cooking techniques, first as an employee and than as an international consulter chased Italian cooking, travelling from one continent to another and collaborating with the Italian companies in the world by expressing the Italian style at the highest levels

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